Sunday, July 1, 2012

Street Art in Queens

Without any classes, I finally found time to sleep in, today. I rolled out of bed about a minute before my alarm went off, and proceeded to prepare for my day in the city.

I met up with two RAs and three students, in front of Hartley Hall, where we depart from on all trips. Today's destination was Long Island City, Queens. We visited two art galleries. The first, was called 5 Pointz. It's basically a massive warehouse, with all the walls covered in murals or commissioned graffiti. It's hard to describe my feelings on this place. Pictures will say more than my words can. 

After touring 5 Pointz, we continued to our second stop, MoMA PS1. I couldn't take pictures in there, so my words will have to suffice. I really can't describe much of the art, though; it was all weird or complicated. Actually, I take it back. I can't describe it with my words. If you've ever been to a modern art museum, you know what I mean.

On our way back to campus, we stopped at Mel's Diner for food. I got the Cookie Monster Milk Shake and Cadillac Burger, which I am snacking on as I write this. 

The rest of my day after returning to my dorm was pretty much uneventful. I watched a movie on TV and spent a while reading Con Law cases for Monday. At 11:00 PM, my friend Jim and I were supposed to go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it turns out we had to pay in advance. I finished up my night, just hanging out with people in my hall.

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