Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blogger, I Challenge You

After a good workout at open gym, my adventures at the Ivy League tutorial began--that is, after I showered and changed of course.

Arriving at approximately 1:55 PM, after running around Hercules Middle High School, I finally found room 106. After Don scanned my school I.D. and medical card, I sat myself down at a computer and waited for the tutorial to begin.

In all, the tutorial was full of useful information I knew I would have asked for as time progressed and issues came up. Beneficial for me was the "This and That" portion of the day's agenda. My concerns over what expenses I would need to cover and what the Ivy League Connection covers were diminished after today's lesson. My group for the tutorial was quite serious and quiet but thankfully a little humor here and there lightened the atmosphere around us.

Unfortunately, my group faced some technicalities. Some computers could not open files with the documents and pictures we brought and did not support the newer version of blogger. This portion was probably the most difficult for me. Seeing myself as technologically incapable, I was reminded of my weakness when I tried posting a blog today during the tutorial. I could not find the button to create a post until the chaperone for the Yale program went around to help. Bless his soul for his help or I would have been stuck on the same page trying to look for the button for the rest of the tutorial. After I finally posted on the blog, everything else became much easier for me.

Ultimately, the day reminded me of two things; my dislike for blogging due to my handicap with technology and my preparation for summer has only just begun.

Columbia University