Sunday, July 1, 2012

Soak Up The Sun

Today Aurea, Jake, Lucas, Tomi, Adrianne, Brittany, Jim, and I visited the Museum of Natural History. It was a wonderful experience to visit a site of such historical significance after seeing it over and over again in pictures and movies as a child. Even in "Night At The Museum," almost the entire film was shot in that location so it felt so magical to be there. It felt like you in the movie and that as soon as you leave, the things will come to life when it gets dark. Everything looked exactly the same as in the movie, it was amazing.

Afterwards, we all bought hotdogs at one of the nearby stands and walked right across the street to Central Park and sat on the lush, green grass to enjoy our warm meals. Right when we were done with our food, we got up and slowly made our way back to our dorms. However, we definitely will return to central park because we did not have the time to actually look around and enjoy the environment, we only had a sneak peak as we made our way back home.

By the time we came back, it was slowly approaching dinner time and my RA agreed to come with us to a restaurant called "Ruby Foo's." The food was actually delicious and I definitely enjoyed our dinner. So overall, I really had a wonderful day today but I can't wait to go back to class again tomorrow! I absolutely LOVE Columbia University, my course, my professor, the subject, everything! Hopefully one day my dreams can come true and I will have the opportunity to enjoy my school and my life like this for at least four entire years at Columbia University.

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