Sunday, July 1, 2012

Could've Gone For a Dip

Yesterday, I went to Five Pointz and MoMA PS1, because I wanted to spend a day growing more culturally aware. Today, I went to Coney Island, because roller coasters are fun. 

At 11:00 AM, I met up with an Ra and six students to head down to the park. I didn't realize how far Coney Island is from upper Manhattan, until we were already on the train. It took about an hour to get down there. 

Coney Island was very fun, but I did have two major complaints. The first, was that it's very expensive. It cost between $5 and $10 to go on any ride. This kept the lines short, but it also meant that we were done with the amusement park area in less than an hour. The second complaint is on the Coney Island Logo. It's just so creepy.

After rapidly running out of ride credits, we headed down to the beech. Of course, on a hot day like this, it was packed. I didn't know that we would be going down to the shore, so I left my sandals and swim trunks in my room. Luckily, I was wearing shorts, so I could go to the edge of the sand bank and let the water lap my bare feet.

Don't worry, mom; I wore plenty of sun block.

When we were all tired of the sun beating down on us, we took the subway to Queens, where the RA showed us to a Dominican restaurant. The food was delicious and the portions were really generous. Although it was worth it, this detour meant that we couldn't get back to Columbia until 8:15 PM.

I dropped off my stuff in my room, and at around 9:00, I went to get some food with another student. Well, I didn't get food, but I got a drink, and talked with him while he ate. I might have nibbled on his fries here and there. When we were both full, we headed back to my dorm, where we hung out until he had to leave for curfew.

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