Saturday, June 30, 2012

Girl Time at Times Square

When we say "shop 'til you drop," we mean it. Today all of us met on campus at 10 AM and walked together to Deluxe Restaurant for breakfast. There we mentally prepared for our long day of intense shopping across a few of the many shopping areas of New York City.

We started out our "girl's day" adventure today by visiting Time Square. Once there, we decided to first go to Toys R Us, not to shop there, but just to look around. Every level of that blog just looked so magical, we couldn't resist but to take pictures on each floor. My favorite was the barbie section on the second floor, there was a life-size barbie house! I felt like a kid again and I could only imagine how the children there felt being at probably the most amazing Toys R Us store in the nation. After all, they even have a ferris wheel there!

After Toys R Us, we proceeded towards every other store you can imagine! Ann Taylor, Forever 21, United Colors of Benetton, Urban Outfitters, Steve Madden, the list goes on...

I absolutely love shopping so I enjoyed every single bit of our saturday adventure. My feet were literally throbbing in pain, but I refused to give up and let go of all the other stores I could visit. One store I really wanted to walk through was Macy's. We walked all the way over to Macy's but by the time we arrived, we were all so exhausted we did not walk through the story at all. So technically did visit the store, but it was almost pointless because we did not look at much. It only served as a teaser for wanting to go back and examine all the endless aspects of the store and look at every piece of unique mercandise. We shopped for at least 7 hours today, but there still remains a good amount of stores that we have all agreed that we must visit before we leave New York once and for all.

In case if everyone is wonder, all I bought today was a maxi skirt because I was waiting to get to Macy's before buying my friends and family souveniors, which now, I must wait until another day.

By the time we came back home, it was around 7PM and we were all extremely tired. My shoes had ripped, but feet hurt, my arms were sore, and my body cannot move...It was the most intense shopping experience you can think of. Overall, we all had such an amazing time, I personally would have never perferred to exchange today's adventure with doing anything other.
Now I'm sitting in my suite with my amazing dorm girls watching Mean Girls.
Today is girl night to the extreme, I'm enjoying every second of it.

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