Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Taste of Home

One word and only ONE word will describe today; work.

Yet another day, although my weekend, I woke up early and read. When the clock struck eleven, I got dressed to go and enjoy brunch with my friends. Like I said on my previous blog, I was really craving some crepes this past week and I was really looking forward to trying some out in NYC! Adrianne did not want any and instead insisted on pancakes or french toast, so we agreed to purchase whatever we choose and meet at one restaurant. In this case, I bought a berry crepe and went to the restaurant Adrianne wanted to eat at. The crepe nonetheless was absolutely delicious! 

 Where I call "home!"
The savory dish was actually one of the only two things I enjoyed today. After relaxing and eating my breakfast (technically it was brunch), I rushed to my room, packed my stuff, and took off to the Butler library. I stayed there all day until they literally kicked me out because the library was closing. By that time I was starving and a friend of mine, Shayon, from class had told me about a Persian restaurant called "Persepolis." He recommended it one day when we were talking about Persian food, and I wanted to try it out ever since. It's been three weeks and I've really been missing my mom's delicious cooking and the endless Persian cuisine I would savor on every day. I asked if my friends would come with me and thankfully, they all agreed to come. I really appreciated it because it meant a lot to me! The restaurant really made me feel like I was back home...

Since all my friends had never tried Persian food before, I wanted them to have a good experience and a good first taste of the culture. They allowed me to choose the dishes for them so I took leadership in deciding a variety of dishes for them to taste. I stuck to kebabs and different rices since those are the most prominent Persian dishes. In all, we ordered 3 dishes, and one appetizer that we all shared. For the appetizer I ordered Mirza Ghasemi, which they referred to as "Eggplant Mirza." It is roasted eggplant purée, mint, tomato sauce, and garlic, which is eaten with bread. For dinner, I ordered Saffron Chicken, Soltani Bah Filet (duo of mignon barg and kubideh kebab), and Shandiz (saffron marinated rack of lamb). Along side the meat I ordered three different types of rice; - polo sefid (steamed white basmati rice), polo baghali (basmati rice with dill and fava beans), and polo shirin (basmati rice with almond and orange). They all did turn out pretty delicious and what I was more pleased about than the food was the fact that my friends enjoyed it. It was a nice way to end the day after working for many hours straight. After all, the only breaks I had today were vital breaks needed to eat. Besides that, today was work, work, and work.

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