Sunday, July 8, 2012

Productivity at its Finest

So I know that today was supposed to be the day each one of us were to devote to work. Did most of us do that? Probably not- well at least that's how it was for me.

I began my day a lot later than usual at 11 AM to get brunch with a few people. After our meal, we decided to go our separate ways to get some work done. So I trekked to my room and began what should have my productive day. But plans don’t always go the way I intend them to and I fell asleep during my study session. After a good nap I awoke to my unfinished work therefore I made the decision to do work at Butler Library. And once again distractions get to me and I did not get as much as I wanted done. I grabbed a quick bite with a few friends who were also in the library before actually cracking open my books and getting some work done.

What frustrates me the most is my own indecisiveness. I have done research done for general subjects that concern my paper which are the presidential legacies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry S Truman, James Early “Jimmy” Carter, Lyndon B. Johnson, and George W. Bush. The only problem I’m having with my paper what thesis I want to use as my argument. I’ve bounced back and forth between two theses. After a while of trying to figure out what I was to write about, I decided to get a second opinion. I barged- okay not exactly, I knocked politely and walked- into Adrianne’s room for help on my paper. She gave me her opinion on what would be a better thesis and from there I just started writing. And in turn, I proof read her research paper although hers is only five pages versus my twenty-five one.

After a humorous display from Brittany and Adrianne of trying to keep people in the latter’s room, we and a few other people left for dinner at Persepolis. Morvarid was definitely excited seeing that she has yet to have any kind of home tasting food since this trip. I can sympathize, I’ve been craving some Filipino food. We had a delicious family style meal at the restaurant and then we headed back to campus for homework. Now onto my paper..

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