Sunday, July 8, 2012

Remember the Sabbath

My breakfast, although some might call it dessert.
So, according to the Ten Commandments, today is the day we are all supposed to rest. I find this to be a very good idea to live by. But my research paper had other plans for me. I can say that I rested at night; I slept until 11 AM for the first time this trip, but my day has consisted of almost entirely work ever since. Well, that's an exaggeration, but basically, today was dedicated to work and I don't like doing so much work in so little time so I am complaining.
Anyway, at 12 I went out to breakfast/lunch (I don't really say "brunch" that often) at a place called Artopolis, a crepe-serving place a block down from campus. I was with my roommate, a suitemate and a friend of we just sat and talked and ate until about 1, when we headed back to campus.
After reaching campus, the same two guys I had gone to breakfast with offered to play basketball, and I tried to resist the temptation but could not. We went down to the gym and played some 2-on-2 (another kid met us there) before being invited into a 5-on-5 game of current Columbia students. I have no idea how long we played but we finished at around 3:30 PM. After this, I picked up a baseball for the first time in a while and played some catch with another kid on my floor looking for someone else like me who also likes baseball.
Aside from that, I have done nothing but work today. I ordered some pizza a few minutes ago, and we'll see how it turns out, although I did my research and I have high expectations. But now, back to work....I hope I'm not up too late. Sorry for the short blog, but my day has literally been just eating, working out and this essay.


  1. Woah! We had the same exact thing for breakfast within just a few minutes from each other!

  2. Haha my mom called and asked me if you were religious