Monday, July 9, 2012

Concentration is the Game.

Yet another early morning...
I can easily resort to waking up at 8:45, but I constantly chose to wake up at 7 A.M. which is nearly two hours earlier than I should. Considering the fact that I am not a morning person, why do I do it? I clearly do not have to. Well, the answer to this question is simple; because I care a lot about my course, about my work, about this school, and lastly, about my opportunity to be here in the first place. I've been trying very hard to make the best out of all the things provided to me and take advantage of every opportunity in my way. I wake up early regardless of the inconvenience for me because I strive for excellence and I've been working diligently to not just read what is assigned, but to fully evaluate it and understand it to the best of my ability.

Every aspect of today so far has been casual, since I will not be attending any trips today or engaged in any "fun" activities. In our class, we discussed our articles like usual, then lunch followed and I only ate for 30 minutes. Time is of the essence and I'm determined to use it wisely. For the remainder of the time (an hour and 30 minutes), I went to my room and read the article for tomorrow. Color-coding the highlights of each section, I worked on the article for most of my lunch break instead of participating in the mid-day activities." Once again, I later went to the library a lot earlier than class started and I began working on my research paper.

Two things that disappoint me;

1. No matter how hard I've been working and how much time I devote with dedication to this research paper, it seems like not much is been done! This is due to the fact that I have chosen such a challenging topic that in fact, I have to conduct more reading than than writing! I knew the topic I had chosen would be a challenge, but I failed to realize that a 25 page college research paper is a challenge in itself. Even my professor agreed that my topic is a challenging one, but now that I have chosen it, I am determined to make it excellent. That right there, is the source of all my stress.

2. The fact the I cannot check out my books because I am a high school student. I have a curfew and regardless of that, the library closes so early! This limits the amount of time I can work on my paper and really frustrates me. Secondly, the times I am in the library, the people behind the circulation desk do not really help me out. In the beginning of my Butler library experience, I was always disappointed by the number of "I don't knows" I would get in response to my library questions. Today, when I approached the desk to pick up the books I had put on hold for my research paper, the individual behind the desk told me the books were not there! I was worried because a good portion of my paper depended on those and I spent an entire week gathering those sources. Luckily after 15 minutes, he found the books on the other side of the desk where they were not suppose to be. That was probably the scariest part of my day today when I felt like all the time I had been working so hard preparing my essay had gone to waste. However, I am thankful that the books were found at least.

Regardless of that, I am devoting the rest of my day (to be more exact, my entire day) to my Presidential Powers course. I am determined to finish at least half of my paper by tonight. I am almost there, but I must now go back to work and concentrate for the remainder of my day.

Wish me luck!

P.S. Did I mention before that I had deactivated my facebook account? Responsibility at it's best.

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