Monday, July 9, 2012

Bit Off More Than I Can Chew

It’s inconceivable to know that I only have five more days here in New York. And three of those days shall be dedicated to my research paper. Oh procrastination at its finest.

Today was a regular session day. I woke up at 8 AM to grab a shower and headed down for breakfast with Morvarid, Adrianne, Brittany, and Rowland. And as usual, the Presidential Powers students were reviewing the article from the previous night to prepare ourselves for the discussion that day. Discussion today involved Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Peace Without Conquest” speech. The article argued about the effectiveness of Johnson’s usage of rhetoric to appease the people. His speech was a middle ground that gained him praise and support from the American public about the Vietnam War. LBJ’s condition for Vietnam was a New Deal program, similar to the Tennessee Valley Authority, which would give $1 billion to rebuild the Mekong River. If aggression were to develop further, America would use military force. Johnson effectively settled terms for both the hawks and doves of the nation. Class today also ended a little earlier than usual; we were given student evaluations today on the class and we finished fairly fast. I enjoy my class, no doubt about that, but the only downside I find about the class is the research paper length. Twenty to twenty-five pages for a paper is fairly long, you know.
Due to our early departure from class, we were able to avoid the sudden lunch rush. Literally five minutes after we got our food, a huge mob came into the dining hall to get their share. I then made my way for my room for a quick nap before my next class.
After a somewhat refreshing nap, I headed to Butler Library for my usual session. And I once again had internal debates about my research paper. I’ve bounced back and forth between theses that each one seems the same. But I finally started on my actual thesis that will, hopefully, not change anymore. Changing theses a few days before my paper is due is not the wisest decision- a little advice for any future ILCers who want to do this course. I guess my professor was right, I did “bite more than I can chew.” Too many ideas are jumbling around my mind that I can’t even focus on one.
Since the Constitutional Law students had a dinner today, we did not have our usual meeting with Ms. L. So instead I chose to take another nap before having dinner. Once dinner was finished, Morvarid, Brittany and I made our way to the postal office to only find out it was closed. Tomorrow we shall get our stamps for our letter evaluations for our professor. We then went back to campus to get started on our homework. And my roommate left to go back to Hon Kong for a college interview. So now I have the whole room to myself. Hopefully this will help with my writing; I still have so many words to go...

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