Monday, July 9, 2012

Well, the Sunrise was Beautiful

Well, I'm just going to go right out and say it; I pulled an all-nighter last night working on my essay. As soon as I get into my writing, it flows easily; however, it can sometimes take me hours to get into this flow. I had spent numerous hours researching and putting some intorductions on my paper, and by 2 AM, to be completely honest, I had completed 1 page. All of the previous hours working had been spent researching and writing introductions, most of which went nowhere. Around 3 AM, though, after spending an hour talking with my roommate, who was struggling with the exact same thing as me for his business class, I finally gotta into a rhythm and was able to crank out the final 4.5 pages in 5 hours. For me, this is pretty efficient (the after 3 AM part), and although I worked fast, and I was stressed out because time had me "con la pistola a la cabeza" (time had "a gun to my head," or, in other words, I was under a ton of pressure), I still managed to turn in a product that I was very proud of. At the end of the day, how proud I am of my work is the ultimate determinant of how I well I felt I did; time really does not factor into it.
The rays of the sun spilling through the clouds, at about 5-6 AM.
That being said, I probably should have started a bit earlier. My rommmate went to sleep at about 4 AM, and as I continued working, I got to see the sunrise, which was beautiful coming up through the clouds. While staying up all night was ridiculously stupid, I am very proud, as I always have been, of my determination to do the absolute best I can do at everything I try. Around 8 AM, as my roommate begin to stir, I completed my paper and sent it to my dad for a few revisions before I turned it in.
I went to breakfast and then to class, and because I was keeping my blood flowing walking and talking, I had no trouble staying awake. As we began to go into our Supreme Court cases, though, I began to have a lot of trouble staying awake (I mean, you can't blame me, I didn't sleep). I did stay awake, though, and I paid attention as well as I could to our cases surrounding the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. The cases were very interesting, it's just tought o stay awake having not slept the night before.
As soon as class ended, I sleepwalked back to my dorm, laid down and instantly fell asleep for a hour and 15 minutes nap. After I woke up, I made a few revisions that my dad had suggested to my paper and printed it, arriving to class just before 2 PM. Also, in case I hadn't made this point clear enough the first 10 times, I cannot describe to you the importance of my midday nap.
Our second class was a bit more interactive, and feeling refreshed from my nap, I participated in class discussion and my lack of energy seemed to completely disappear. We discussed some of the United States actions post-9/11, including the Patriot Act and some Supreme Court cases involving suspected terrorists being held as prisoners. After class ended, 13 of us from the class met up to go together out to dinner at a place called Max Bremmer's at Union Square. The place specializes in chocolate, and when people said we were going to dinner there I envisioned something like spaghetti with chocolate sauce, although thankfully, they served dinner items as well like BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. I had a fantastic time getting to know my classmates better; our class is already very discussion-based, but it is different talking to someone outside of a class setting. All of the kids, though, are super cool, and I can't believe this will be ending in only a few days!!!
Near Union Square
I did a few more things later in the day, but none were that significant (I played ManHunt, a giant team game of tag, and I studied) I also need to wrap it up because I am very sleep-deprived right now, and I need to get ready for tomorrow's field trip to the District Court!

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