Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shop 'Til You Drop

Unlike my usual boring mornings, today was more more exciting; Aurea, Adrianne, Morvarid, Brittany, and I had plans to go on a shopping spree in Times Square! 

I first met up with Adrianne, and the two of us then went for breakfast at Deluxe, a close by diner  located only a few blocks from campus. After hearing about where Adrienne and I where, the other girls decided to followed suit, and the five of us enjoyed an early brunch together.  

The ever elusive Ferris Wheel!
The first store we decided to go into was Toys 'R Us. While we still weren't able to to ride the Ferris Wheel, we were still able to explore more of the store.

A Willy Wonka  themed candy store!
Everything about the store's interior was absolutely amazing. Their displays were all fully-functioning, life-sized replicas were perfect down to the very last detail, as if they pulled them directly from my younger self's imagination.  The store had three floors in total, with each floor divided into sections that are devoted to a certain theme or franchise! Some of the themed departments we visited were Jurassic Park, Barbie, and Willy Wonka.

Disney Princess Barbie dolls!
And the toys? There were just too many to count! The shelves were packed with new brands and releases. Just seeing all the toys, made me like a little kid again! But what else would you expect from the world's greatest toy store? I would have been more than happy to spend the entire day there, but unfortunately, the other girls wanted to explore more of Square. 

After leaving Toys 'R Us, we decided that we wanted to do some actual clothes shopping, so we headed toward's Time Square's three story Forever 21.When I stepped into to the store, the first thing I thought of were my older sisters--they absolutely love this store and I can't wait to rub in that fact  The second thing I thought was that the store was huge! I had never seen so many cute clothes in my life--and that was after I had only seen the ground floor, there were still two more to go! We ended up spending about an hour in the store, and I bought a dress, a shirt, and a skirt. 

We then left the store and began walking up and down the streets of Times Square and Broadway, visiting store such as Urban Outfitters, H&M, Express, and UNIQLO. 
Forever 21's second floor

Inside UNIQLO!
While browsing around the streets and store, I realized something; New Yorkers like to go big. Out of all the stores we visited today, not even one of theme had only one floor. Back home, it considered a luxury for a store to have even two floors, but here it's practically expected! 

Our final stop was Macy's. When people say that Time Square's Macy's is the largest in the world, they're not kidding. The store has nine floors that spans over an entire block. Each floor seems they could be stores all by themselves, they were all absolutely packed clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, restaurants, you name it. With all the things to see and do, pne could probably live in the store without ever having or wanting to leave! It's like a mini New York City!

Now, I would like to end of this post by pointing out that my blog's title is not an exaggeration. When I got home this evening I literally flopped onto my bed from exhaustion. My day was filled with excitement, new experiences, and lot and lots of walking. I have to admit, there were a few setbacks here and  then but overall today was really fun and I honestly can't wait to go out with the girls again! 

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