Saturday, June 30, 2012

Girls Day Out!

Since today was Saturday and that meant no class, it was really relaxed and I was happy to be able to go out into the city. Brittany, Aurea, Morvarid, Tomi and I went to a restaurant called Deluxe for breakfast, which is about two blocks from Carman Hall. After getting waffles and cranberry juice, we went to the subway to go to Times Square.

Times Square is very magnificent. There are so many places to go and so much to do! We first went to Toys-R-Us, where we had a lot of fun posing with many different exhibits and being "little kids" again.

Jurassic Park exhibit
Epitome of ultimate strength
Morvarid with the Lego statue
Charlie's Angels!
Aurea and Morvarid
In front of the Barbie exhibit!
Brittany and I
SO many Barbies inside...
After going through the Toys-R-Us, we went to several other shops before finally settling on Forever 21. I am normally not a big shopper but this time I had so much fun going through the four different levels and finding really cute dresses and tops. I ended up buying a dress, a top for my sister, a present for my mom, and some jewelry. It was quite the experience!

Once we were all done in Forever 21, we had a quick stop at Jamba Juice before going to Fifth Avenue, where we stayed for such a long time. We went to H&M, Steve Madden, American Girl NYC, and Macy's. It was a great adventure!

Me in American Girl!
With my favorite American Girl, Addy!
Today was great fun. Tomorrow I will go to the Natural History Museum with my friends and I'm really excited to see the exhibits.

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