Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hauling in NYC

The term "hauling" in the clothing world means to obtain as many items for a fair price. So yes, I literally shopped till I dropped today; not a very good thing either.

My day began at 8 AM, two hours before the designated meeting time for our shopping spree. I guess my body got use to the waking up at that hour, so I laid in bed awake for a good amount of time. I’m actually amazed I was awake at that time; since the Columbia cohort barely made it back in time for curfew the previous night, I expected to be knocked out. So after a little self-motivation and a shower, I was ready to meet with Adrianne, Morvarid, Tomi and Brittany for our girls’ day out. I feel bad for my roommate though; Adrianne decided to be my roommate’s personal alarm clock and started banging on the door while I was in the shower.

Since the dining halls do not serve us food on the weekends, we decided to eat at a restaurant a few blocks away from campus for brunch. The quaint restaurant had so fairly priced food and a nice TV in the wall to watch the baseball game. Although, I am not a huge fan of the sport.

After our fill, we trekked to the subway towards 42nd street. From there, we started our walk to Times Square. We shopped to our hearts content at the Forever 21 store located on Broadway. We ventured through four floors of clothing and accessories for hours. I should never shop without my best friend, Lynda Le. Without her there, I do not have control over what I buy and my parents will not be happy when they see my bank account amount.

Once we finished our haul at Forever 21, we did a little window shopping at various stores. From Zara to United Colors of Benetton, we walked a good distance to find stores of interest. Adrianne stayed behind at the American Girl store at one point, reading books about the various role models for little girls. So after having to persuade Adrianne to leave the store, we continued our shopping to probably the largest store in New York City; Macy’s! The Macy’s in NYC is known for being the biggest branch in the world. But for most of us, excluding Morvarid, it was an eight block walk that we did not look forward to. Who knew walking about New York would be so tiring?

Street Performers outside Macy's

New York Public Library
Due to rules set by Ms. L, we left the Macy’s with a promise to shop again when given the chance. In all, the day was fun, busy, and tiring with all the walking we did around New York. Not only did we shop, but we were able to see more attractions and buildings, such as Rockefeller Center and the New York Public Library. Hopefully tomorrow will be as fun with our trip to the Natural History Museum. “Dumb dumb want gum gum?”

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