Monday, May 14, 2012

One Great Apple, an Endless Amount of Possibilities

Hello everyone! So in just about a month, my friends and I will finally be on our way to New York city! Out of all the amazing places we could visit and the endless amount of attractions offered, I would like to share with you all a list of places I would definitely not want to miss.
Here it goes;

The New York Bodies Exhibition- My entire life, I've always been strongly passionate about medicine, and the human body never fails to amaze me. Call me weird, but I'm extremely interested in visiting this museum! According to the website, "The Exhibition provides an intimate and informative view into the human body. Using an innovative preservation process, the Exhibition allows you to see and celebrate your body's inner beauty in ways you never dreamed possible. Over 200 actual human bodies and specimens, meticulously dissected and respectfully displayed, offer an unprecedented and wholly unique look into your amazing body." 

Ellis Island Immigration Museum- I read in my APUSH class about Ellis Island recently, and I think it would be a really fascinating experience to step on the grounds of history, and be able to almost sense and visualize what people in your history book felt like. Ellis Island was the portal for many to the United States, and it's amazing to actually "experience" what you learn in history for once than to read it.

American Museum of Natural History- Ever since I was a child, I've always dreamed of one day being able to go to the American Museum of Natural History. The museum holds thousands of specimens and artifacts from around the world, including Dinosaur fossils. They also have a planetarium space show and an Imax theater. This is definitely a place worth seeing.

Museum of Modern Art- Everyone that knows me probably already knows I absolutely love to paint, so of course I'd be interested in the Museum of Modern Art!The museum showcases many exceptional pieces from the 20th to the 21st century such as works of the great Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Henri Matisse. 

Carnegie Hall/Rose Museum- This beautiful site was a place visited by many of the worlds most amazing individuals, especially musical artists. The hall holds a collection of signed photographs, letters, and memorabilia from many musicians of this century.

Statue of Liberty- The worldly known symbol of freedom is truly something that can not be missed.

Empire State Building- Absolutely no trip to New York City would be complete without a visit to the Empire State Building, the most famous office building in the world. The building features an observatory on the 86th-floor giving a magnificent view more than 1,000 feet above New York City.

Times Square- I love busy streets and seeing lots of things going on around me. I'm willing to bet my home-town is one of the most calm cities in the United States, and I'm definitely willing to experience something different. With the largest LED sign the world, and one of the busiest places in New York, Times Square is truly considered "one of a kind."

Central Park- I'm really looking forward to just sitting calmly in the green lush grass, and watching the world around me and the clouds rush above me, surrounded by tall, magnificent, and dazzling skyscrapers.

Brooklyn Bridge- The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, I'd love to walk across it once on our trip. (If we have time of course, class  is always first priority on this trip!)

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral- This cathedral is absolutely breath-taking. The architecture is magnificent, I would really like to be able to one day see it in person. 

Top of The Rock Observation Deck at Rockefeller Center- City lights have and always will be my favorite. Every time I visit San Francisco, my family and I never miss going to Twin Peaks to admire the beautiful city, now I just might have the chance to view the amazing New York city from above.

Fifth Avenue- Knowing me and my love for shopping, I'd love to walk this street and take a look at the endless stores and boutiques! Aside from all the fancy stores and beautiful products, the street also takes credit for the world's largest Build-A-Bear Workshop and the site of famous annual parades!

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