Monday, May 14, 2012

Experiencing New York

Hey everyone. As you probably know by now, our four-week stay on the East Coast will, for the most part, take place in New York City. While the majority of our time will be devoted to our classes, we will have a little time to go out and explore one of the most fascinating cities in the world. To prepare for this, we were asked to find at least 12 attractions that we would love to visit most. Unfortunately, many people living in New York go their entire lives without visiting all of what New York has to offer, so narrowing down to 12 was no small task. But this is a good problem to have. What follows is the list of attractions I would most like to visit.

-Metropolitan Museum of Art (right)
I am not as big a fan of art as most, but many aspects of it do interest me, particularly the historical aspect. The Met seems to offer a variety of art that reflects certain historical periods, and for that reason, I'd be very interested in going.

-Ellis Island Immigration Museum (left)
Immigrants coming from other countries and cultures around the world make up the nation that America is today, particularly New York City, and I would love to step foot where many of these immigrants arrived to the United States.

-New York Historical Society / Museum of the City of New York
I am a huge fan of history, and I love New York City, so it only makes sense that I'd love to visit a museum describing the history of New York City. I'm not yet sure which of the two will do a better job of that, although, I know that I would have a good time at either of the two museums. +

-Statue of Liberty (left)
I have actually been in New York and have seen the Statue of Liberty, but the statue's head was under construction (renovation?) and I never set foot on Liberty Island. I would definitely like to go back and do this.

Yes, I know this isn't a museum or a landmark, but I am a passionate lover of food and New York has some of the best food in the world when it comes to quality and diversity. New York offers some tastes that you cannot find in the Bay Area, and if I have the opportunity I will be the first to take advantage.

-Coney Island (right)
With roller coasters, baseball, games, the beach and more, Coney Island is the picture of summer fun. My kind of place.

-Citi Field (left)
Being the baseball nut that I am, there is no way New York's two Major League Baseball teams could not make my list. Yankee Stadium would also be on here, but I don't think even Mitt Romney could afford a ticket at Yankee Stadium (Often over $30 for simply an unobstructed view; Mets tickets start at $5). Additionally, the Mets kind of live in the Yankees' shadow when it comes to popularity and wins, so I'd rather watch a Mets' game anyway.

-USS Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum (right)
Again, I'm really big on history, and I'd love to board a ship which played a large role in American history. Additionally, the museum is filled with aircraft such as passenger jets, fighter planes, and as of today, the space shuttle Enterprise. Definitely not for everyone, but this is something I would love to see.

-Museum of Natural History (below right)
Simply put, this museum is a huge collection of exhibits depicting the history of the natural world. A place I could spend hours and hours in, definitely I place I would enjoy seeing.

-Central Park
Central Park itself probably has more to do than you could accomplish in one day. One of the most well-known parks in America, I'd have to at least take a walk through Central Park.

-Ground Zero Memorial and Museum
I would like to visit the memorial and the museum at Ground Zero to remember those that were taken by September 11th, 2001's tragedy, and those who fought valiantly to help others make it through. A sad day in our history, but still something that I'd like to visit.

-St. Patrick's Cathedral.
As Lenny mentioned in his blog, the architecture of this church is breathtaking. Time-permitting, something I'd love to get a chance to see.

-Times Square 
The epitome of city life in New York City.

-Top of the Rock / Empire State Building
Although I'm not big on heights, I would love to go up 70 floors to the Top of the Rock of for an unobstructed view in all directions of New York City. At the Empire State Building, you can actually travel to the 102nd floor, although the view apparently is a little more obstructed than at the Rockefeller Center.

-Brooklyn Bridge
As one of the architectural masterpieces of the world, Brooklyn Bridge is probably the #1 attraction in New York I'd like to visit. 

Trying more than a few websites for information on New York City is probably a waste, as one website alone will take up more than enough time with hundreds of things to do.
The main websites I used:

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