Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Top 15 places to visit in NYC

Good evening everybody (or whatever time it is when you read this). Since our month in New York City will include some leisure time, we’ve each been asked to compile a list of our top 12 places to visit. I had a little trouble narrowing down this list, so here is my top 15:

15.Museum of the City of New York A museum dedicated to the history of New York City? Not a bad place to stop by when in the Big Apple. My dad actually grew up in NYC, so it might be nice to see what the city was like, all those centuries ago (just kidding dad).

14. Carnegie Hall/ Rose Museum Few aspiring musicians haven’t dreamed of someday playing up on this stage. I, myself, am no exception, and although I may never have that honor, I can at least visit the Rose Museum to see the history behind this famous hall.

13. New York Aquarium Umm… to be honest, there’s no specific reason why this made the list. I just like aquariums. There’s something really mysterious about them. At a zoo, you’ve probably already seen every species before, but at an aquarium, you’re bound to see dozens of animals that you’ve never even heard of.

12. International Center of Photography Although I am not a photographer, I have a great interest in the impact photos have had on our world. From the American flag at Iwo Jima to the falsified image of the Loch Ness Monster, certain iconic photos have been seen by just about everyone. It might be neat to spend a day exploring them.

11. Bronx Zoo I couldn’t help but put zoos on this list. I’m sure you all understand why. It just wouldn’t be a summer vacation without a trip to the most interactive museum out there.

10. Brooklyn Bridge Probably one of the most iconic landmarks of NYC, the Brooklyn Bridge is something I can’t miss out on seeing. I probably can’t base a whole outing around visiting the spot, but I should at least walk across it once on one of my weekends.

9. American Museum of Natural History This looks like a great museum with tons of impressive exhibits covering all scopes of natural history. As an AP Biology student, I’m really fascinated by the natural world, life and where we come from. Interesting side note, this is where the movie “Night at the Museum” was filmed.

8. Cathedral of Saint John the Divine Although I am no way affiliated with this church, I want to visit it for its architectural beauty. Cathedrals are just amazing. The way they blend elements of medieval castles with renaissance design is captivating. I love that we have these here in America.

7. Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) I enjoy visiting art museums here on the West Coast. My favorite experience has been at the De Young museum in San Francisco, during their Picasso exhibit. I assume that New York is a regular stop for world’s best art exhibitions, so I should take advantage of this opportunity.

6. Broadway Theatres I’m not sure if I’ll be able to, but I’d like to a Broadway show, preferably a comedy. For my mom’s birthday last year, my family and I went to the American Conservatory Theater in SF to see “Scapin.” The show was hilarious, so I want to go see another one, this time with some friends.

5. Central Park Zoo A zoo in the middle of Central Park? Two of the coolest places to spend a day in one location? Say no more.

4. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral This is on the list for all the same reasons as the first cathedral. It’s further along because I like the design even more.

3. Central Park What could be a better place to relax on a day off than a park? Answer: a massive park in the middle of NYC.  Plus, any place that’ll have a breeze and shade will be welcome during the summer heat.

2. Times Square When trying to pick the most iconic and memorable place in New York City, many people might say it’s the Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building. I would disagree. To a tourist like myself, nothing screams NYC more than Times Square. No one in America has seen the Ball drop on New Year’s Eve here and not thought, “That’s what it must be like to live in New York.” I don’t think I can say that I’ve lived there if I haven’t gone to Time Square.

…Drum Roll, Please…

1.    The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) It may not be the most famous place in New York, but it’s the on e I can least go without seeing. I can already see myself spending ours lost in those halls and galleries. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of silently staring at great works of art. It’s not the most exciting time, but it’s undeniably memorable.

Happy Mothers Day!

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