Thursday, July 12, 2012

Underestimation Turns to Determination

Eighteen hours and one thousand words to go? No problem.

For some odd reason I find that my writing improves after a while, compared to the beginnings of my research paper. My first few body paragraphs are vague and don’t have as much analysis matched to my last ones. I guess practice does make perfect. Also the lack of faith for my completion is my driving force to finishing early with quality work. People underestimate me too often.

Anyway my day began as usual. A battle for the shower and then a journey to the dining hall for some much needed food. And of course the Presidential Powers students were rereading the article from the prior night for the day’s discussion. Economics is definitely not my forte. Even Professor Porwancher commented on our lack of vigor during today’s discussion; Presidential Powers students should have a lesson on economics one day to understand the policies that the executive and legislative branches clash over. Once the discussion ended, we played Jeopardy on the Presidential Powers course. And I mean that in the most literal sense possible. The questions did not entail the material we were reading but the structure of the class and research paper. So it was the Hamiltonians, Jeffersonians, and Jack All-Stars competing for bragging rights. Don’t ask me why my team’s name was “Jack All-Stars,” a peer of mine yelled the first thing that came into his mind for a team name. So after a slow start for my team- but not as slow as the Hamiltonians- in the end my team prevailed and won! Well everyone answered the final jeopardy question wrong but we were smart and gambled only a small amount of money. Take that Jeffersonians.

After an early five minute dismissal from class, we headed to the dining hall for some grub. A few slices of pizza and a salad soon had me walking to my dorm for my daily nap. Today’s nap was probably the best to help my preparation for the completion of my paper. I believe I’m working at a pretty good pace. Seven and fifty words in two hours is pretty good. If I keep at this pace, I will probably finish the essay itself at around 10 PM. Footnotes are a whole other story. Wish me luck!

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