Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Plain Bagel with Lox and Garlic Cream Cheese

I did not wake up quite as early today, but I did have plenty of time to get ready for class.

Today's theme was a little different. Nothing in the Constitution explicitly states a right to privacy, but a lot of amendments imply it, so we read cases that are based around that idea: a non-enumerated right to privacy. The third and fourth amendment both imply that the home is sacred ground. It can't be invaded, unless for a justified reason. One explanation of this, is that the entrance to a home marks the line between public and private life. In other words, the government can't invade privacy. Of course, this is only one interpretation, and it's still an open debate.  Personally, I think people deserve a right to privacy, and if it's not already implied by the Constitution, than we need to add an amendment that ensures it.

I had a lot of options at lunch today. I thought about attending a discussion on the power of words, or going with a group to volunteer at a thrift store. I considered reading either the cases for tomorrow or a leisurely novel. I was exhausted by all these options, so I just took a nap.

We started the second half of class with a presentation from our fellow students. Lizzy Pott and Caroline Giovannucci made, presented and distributed awards to each class member. Each award was made from a decorated paper plate, and featured a "most likely to.." statement. Some of them were really specific. Mine was "most likely to show up to a court case late, but with perfect hair." After that, we were split up into groups and assigned cases for our final debate. My team's case is about Affirmative Action, which is great for me, because that's what I wrote my essay about. I can't describe our arguments, because Adrianne is on the opposing team, but I will say that I think we'll do well.

We met with Ms. L. per usual, at 4:00 PM, when class let out. Afterwards, we got some food in the cafeteria. I found out that there was a trip to an archery range in the evening. Naturally, I was very interested. I would have gone, but before leaving, I found that my phone was dead. I didn't have enough time to adequately recharge it, and I wasn't going to go out with no way of communicating, so I had to miss this event.

At around 7:00, I walked down a few blocks with another student to get food. We went to Absolute Bagels, which the Zagat Review rated this year as the best bagel shop in New York City. I have to say, they were pretty good. They made me my favorite kind, just the way I like it.

I spent the rest of my night alternating between studying and hanging out with my dorm-mates.

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