Friday, July 6, 2012

I Can't Help but Wait

Who knew anticipation could be so nerve-wrecking? Or I’m just that impatient, according to my little sister. Let me explain. Last night I was informed about the AP scores being mailed out; a few of my friends actually received theirs. So now I am waiting, patiently of course, for my own scores to arrive. Although, calling one’s little sister twice at 6 AM and 9 AM to ask for the arrival of mail may be pushing it. Anyway, onto my day.

I awoke at my usual time of 8 AM to take a quick shower and change into fresh clothes. I headed down to breakfast and sat myself down quickly to review last night’s reading; the article was quite long and confusing, so I made sure to reread and highlight a few extra lines to understand the material better.

I left the breakfast table a little earlier than expected to review more in class before our discussion began. The document we read was an assessment of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s court packing incident. FDR wanted to expand the size of the court, or later on replace a few justices, due to his New Deal programs. The Supreme Court’s justices during FDR’s presidency was comprised of four conservatives, three liberals, and two neutrals. FDR, being a liberal, saw this composition of justices as an obstacle towards the New Deal programs. Laws such as the Agricultural Adjustment Act and Wagner Act were later seen as unconstitutional. What I liked about this article was the unbiased side the writer had for FDR; the past articles we’ve read had an underlying sympathy for the presidents but this document laid out the details and actions of FDR.

After class ended, we rushed to the dining hall to get food before the Columbia undergraduate admissions talk. So after a quick lunch we hurried down to Lerner Hall for the lecture. The admissions talk gave me a better idea of what I would be facing when applying for Columbia University; the supplements portion was the most informative for me. Unfortunately I had to leave a little earlier to grab my needed materials for my second session at Butler Library.

Once I grabbed my materials, I headed up to a more secluded area of the library to get some work down. Sadly, my anticipation came back and I could not concentrate on my readings. My anxiety of knowing my AP scores would not abate.

So after a somewhat productive session on my research paper, I headed to the usual meeting spot with Ms. L and the other cohorts. Today we finalized our plans for the weekend. Tomorrow we will be going to an information session at NYU, Ground Zero Memorial, and then our dinner with Vassar alumni. Then for Sunday we will be going to Chinatown and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Once we finished our meeting, our individual sessions began. Adrianne went first for quite a period of time before I finally went up. Ms. L and I talked about how I felt about everything, the program, the people, the group, and the experience. Ms. L can read people like a book; she noticed my standoffish disposition at times and understood that I liked my space. I prefer to be completely alone at times to reflect on matters at hand and I haven’t had the opportunity here while in New York. It’s okay, I’ll eventually find a time to think about everything without any distractions.

Instead of going with a group to the top of Rockefeller Center, I decided to stay in. I need to do my research paper before I get too behind. And my AP scores have yet to arrive, so my wait will continue till tomorrow…

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