Friday, July 6, 2012

The City That Does Not Rest

Today in class, everyone contributed less than usual to the discussion. I'm not sure about everyone else, but speaking for myself I can tell you that I stayed up really late at night trying to work on my research paper for the class and by the next morning, I was absolutely exhausted. It wasn't that I did not know what to say or did not know about the specifics about the reading, because I did. Similarly, it wasn't like I did not contribute at all, I still contributed quite a lot and eagerly raised my hand many times throughout our discussion. Although it was still quite a bit of contribution to the discussion, it was just not as much as I typically did every other day. To be honest, I was just so exhausted and a lot of times, the other students in the class had already said the points right before I had the chance to say them aloud. Regardless, I'm planning to rest and catch up on my sleep tonight in preparation for the big days that await me. In a city that does not rest, today shall be the day I catch up (or at least try to catch up) on the sleep that I've been deprived of lately. I can ensure you this upcoming week will be a successful week
Aside from the first session, Aurea and I headed back to the dining halls for lunch but we only stayed for 15 minutes. I had to sacrifice my lunch to attend an amdissions talk with one of the admission officers at Columbia University. I love the university so much that I considered the talk a priority over the importance of my lunch meal. I'm actually really glad I went because the information exchanged in the presentation was really important to me and I had the pleasure of meeting one of the admission officers currently there. She had such a nice personality! It was really an honor to meet her today, I enojoyed her company a lot.

The talk lasted all day and then followed session two, dinner, and confidential talks with Mrs.L. I was actually planning not to go anywhere so maybe I can go somewhere sunday, but instead I decided I needed a break from all the work around m me so I to do something more relaxing rtoday. I decide tvisit there because I thought it would be more engaging in terms of communication bases. Overall, I did have a relaxing day and I did enjoy the trip. So you can say the outcome of my day was in the end successful.

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