Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School Board Meeting

Today was a day where all the cohorts from each individual Ivy League Connection program united to represent not only themselves and their schools, but also their community and district in the School Board meeting. During the meeting, many past ILC students and future Ivy League students spoke on behalf of this amazing organization as well as our very own chaperones whom introduced us on live television. After recognizing the founders of this program and the sponsors who make it happen, we too were also recognized with awards for our academic excellence and acceptance into our individual programs. It was my honor today to represent not just myself, but my community and my amazing district that made this all happen. In events such as today, we allow others to realize the capabilities of our district, notice the bright individuals in our very own community, and the local opportunities that allow us to achieve this much.
The more events I have attended through the Ivy League Connection, the more passionate I have become for my community, district, and this program as a whole.
Again, thank you so much Ivy League Connection for making these experiences possible for us, and thank you sponsors for making this real.

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