Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ILC Cohorts: the Next Rulers of the World

Tonight the cohorts of the Ivy League Connection attended the WCCUSD school board meeting to be recognized for being accepted to such a great program. Various speeches were made, ranging from chaperons escorting us to previous ILC alumni who attend and plan to attend Ivy League universities. After the speeches, sponsors and the building blocks of the ILC- Mr. Ramsey, Ms. Kronenberg, and Don Gosney- were also recognized for their work into making and supporting such a admirable program. Pictures of the cohorts, parents, sponsors, and organizers were then taken.

It was such a honor to represent not only myself but my school, my district, and my program. The ILC really is a privilege to be a part of; I have the opportunity to experience a college level school and course while enjoying the different surroundings of the East Coast. Tonight's milestone event has not only opened my eyes but the eyes of viewers on the educational value the WCCUSD possesses. The ILC is not only an academic program; it's a life experience that will open one's mind to the world around one's self, creating a future leader of the world.

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