Friday, July 13, 2012


That is the word I can associate to my last full day in New York. Just to think, the Columbia cohort was anxiously anticipating for the plan ride here twenty-five days ago. Now we all have mixed feelings about returning home- or at the very least I do.

I awoke at 7 AM from a short sleep; I finished my paper at around 2 AM and couldn’t fall asleep until 5 AM. So I worked through my day with only two hours of sleep. Thankfully, the Presidential Powers class was very calm today. After turning in my paper, Professor Porwancher informed us about the film we were going to walk. Unfortunately we faced a few technical difficulties when trying to play the movie. After an hour of fruitless attempts, we were finally able to watch “JFK.” The film was about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and a conspiracy theory behind the murder. A district attorney from New Orleans, along with his colleagues, try to find the truth behind the assassination, finding evidence to support the idea of a multiple attack on Kennedy.

Because we started the movie later than expected, we were given the option to watch the movie earlier at 1:15 PM than the usual 2 PM session. So after our last lunch at the Columbia dining hall, we headed to Starbucks for some refreshments. Today’s humidity was not comfortable. I can’t wait for the seventy degree weather in the Bay Area. Along the way to Starbucks, we passed by the Carman building. And guess what we saw? A filming for the show “Royal Pains” in front of my dorm! It’s amazing to know that the cast came all the way to Columbia University for a shooting; maybe I’ll be in the show’s next episode.

After satisfying my cravings for cake pops and frappicinos, Morvarid and I made our way to the Hamilton building to continue the movie early. The plot of the movie was very intriguing; it makes the audience question the government and the legitimacy of news. I even recommended it to my AP U.S. History teacher as well congratulating him for such a good job on teaching the class. Once the movie ended, Professor Porwancher wished all the rising seniors with the college applications and gave us a few sentimental departing words. Now I’m anticipating my critiqued research paper.

Once class ended, I decided to head back to my dorm to do some laundry and squeeze in a quick nap. Sadly I spent most of my time racing around campus to find change for the coin washers and dryers. After finally doing my laundry and taking a quick shower, I met with the Columbia cohort and Rowland to venture towards Highland Park and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Highland Park is built on old railroad tracks that overlook part of Brooklyn. Ironically we saw Ms. L and her son Bryan while walking. And we met a woman who was shooting for an album about the peace between strangers.

After taking a few pictures of the incredible views, we headed for the subway station to ride to the Brooklyn Bridge. But before our trek, we ate at a quant Italian restaurant a couple of blocks from the entrance to the bridge. Although our meal was delicious, we stayed a little too long at the restaurant, giving us taste of the weather ahead of us. Thankfully it was only sprinkling for the night, so our walk on the bridge was very relaxing. Brooklyn Bridge is absolutely beautiful; from the architecture to the view, it gives off such a calming atmosphere.

It’s so surreal to know that I’ll be back home in less than twenty hours. My experiences here have opened my mind to new paths I could take in life. Although my time here is about to end, one thing’s for sure; the 2012 Columbia cohort will always have New York.

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