Friday, July 13, 2012

Being a College Student That Will Soon Be a Senior at High School

My suite mate was teaching me how to do the "waltz." Efrat took
 a picture of us while we jokingly posed like we're "dancing."
For a month, we had the opportunity to live the same same dorms Columbia students live, eat at the same dining hall, go to school in the same classes they are taught in, and learn from highly experienced professors who usually teach at prestigious universities.

My RA and I.
I had such an amazing time the past month, and I'm really sad that it's finally time to depart. More than anything, I'm sad that my class is over because I actually enjoyed the course! The daily challenges it provided and the critical thinking it constantly required allowed the course to be both engaging and interesting. Before coming to Columbia, I remember being really sad in the car knowing I won't be home for a month and I will not see my parents or family. However, now I'm really sad that I'm leaving Columbia because I now consider Columbia my home. 

I have deeply fallen in love with every aspect of this university. Overall, I just feel like not only is the school a perfect fit for me, but I'm also a great fit for the university. Columbia University is definitely on my list of top choice universities, and I really hope that I can one day attend. 

I made a flower with my napkin!

Today in class, Dr.Porwancher told us that he had taught the course the same exact manner he teaches his regular courses to upperclassmen in university and the same manner and pace as courses taught in any private ivy league institution. He told us that in fact, a lot of the things we did were a lot harder than what college students do. For example, many students graduate Columbia University never having written a 20 page paper. This, of course, is a fact. Last week from the admission office, I picked up a sheet that gave student perspectives in regards to the Columbia curriculum. One student commented on the core University Writing course stating, "Although the prospect of writing 10 page papers intimidated me, University Writing definitely helped better prepare me for college work." To be honest, I wonder what this student felt if he/she had to write a TWENTY page paper rather than just 10. To me, 10 now seems like such baby work. Our paper had to be at least 4000 words, but maximum of 5000. I actually had trouble staying within that 5000 boundary! Our intense course this summer really allowed me to become a more prepared student. Thanks to Dr.Porwancher, I know now that I will definitely be a more successful student in college next year knowing that I have already participated in a course that had been more challenging that a typical ivy league college course. 

Today was a good day to end off our exciting college experience. We all visited Highline park and ate our last dinner in New York at an attractive Italian restaurant. Later, we ended our night by walking on the famous Brooklyn bridge, catching our last glimpse of the city I now call "home." Hopefully soon, I will have the opportunity to return to Columbia University.

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