Monday, July 2, 2012

Coffee or Sleep?

Another day, another class. Sleeping in on weekends does not help one’s school week schedule. Since my internal alarm clock does not wake up until 8 AM, I slept through my daily work-out routine once again. So after patiently waiting for my other suite mates to finish their showers, I finally got my turn. Once finished I headed down to breakfast with Morvarid, Adrianne, Tomi and Brittany. We didn’t socialize much during breakfast due to the late cramming of homework prior a few nights before.

So after a fairly quiet breakfast, we headed to our respective buildings for class. Our discussion today consisted of Abraham Lincoln and his interpretation of the Constitution. The article argued that Lincoln acted in constitutional aspiration; the Constitution holds universal laws in it that are meant for the betterment of society. The writer justifies Lincoln’s decision and execution of executive authority. Once our discussion ended, Professor Porwancher gave a mini lecture on how to do a proper research paper. He told us told us to cite every piece of information, even evidence we deem as common knowledge. Plagiarism is taken very seriously.

Then the usual routine of lunch and Butler Library came for me. I decided to go to the library stacks and sit down on the ninth floor to isolate myself from distractions. I will admit, I got more done here than usual it’s just so cold in the stacks. Also Butler Library stacks are a little bit scary when you’re alone. I also obtained a needed book for my research paper on George W. Bush. Hopefully, I have all the secondary resources that are essential to my paper. I really wished I could hold more books for myself or even take some with me to my dorm for some reading but Columbia permits me from doing so.

When I finished my second class, I met Ms. L at our usual meeting spot outside of the John Jay dining hall. Unfortunately for me I forgot my receipts and change to give to Ms. L for my meals on the weekend and I ran back to my dorm to obtain them for her. We then started our meeting today by explaining in one word how we felt so far. At first I wanted to use the word “confusing” because I didn’t exactly know my emotion but after a while I understand that my feelings were that of bafflement. For the rest of my cohorts, they’ve learned more about the culture around them especially those of people internationally. For me, I always had an understanding of different cultures and how to interact with others from living in city so my learning experience is more of myself. I’ve begun questioning what I want to do with my life and that my original plan is something that I might not want to pursue. Concluding our meeting today were individual check-ups with Ms. L again but only three people went today. So Morvarid, Adrianne and I will be venting on Friday.

Instead of socializing like most of the campus, I decided to be productive and fully understand my work. It’s also a great time to catch on some much needed sleep, which apparently I’m not getting enough of if my body’s telling me the right signs. It seems no matter how much sleep I get-or how much coffee I drink- I’m still drowsy. Peculiar, I know. So now my night will consist of blogs, homework, and sleep; let my temporary detachment from the social world begin..

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