Monday, July 2, 2012


I'm so excited that it's been our second week at Columbia Unversity! Usually when you have fun, time goes by a lot faster. However, for some reason it feels like we've been here forever! I'm not complaining though, because I love every second of this experience. Columbia University is amazing! I've always been intrested in this school, but actually looking forward to waking up in the mornings to study in their classrooms and blend in with their students in their dorms just makes me want to stay here forever! Hopefully one day I may have the chance to actually study here...

I woke up at 7AM this morning to re-read my articles and refresh my mind on the topics discussed in each article. As soon as I finished reading, I worked a little on my research paper, tried to organize my sources, and ended off my work with a warm shower. The clock was approaching 9AM by this time and I quickly prepared to exit my room and meet up with my good friends Adrianne, Tomi, Aurea, and Brittany for breakfast. We only sat for a few minutes until we had to split up and approach our classes. Upon arrival to our first class, we discussed the research paper and one of the weekend articles. Time went by really fast today in class and it was already lunch in no time!

For our second session research seminar, I came across an area in the library that led upstairs to a very secluded study area. It was the most quiet section I've every witnessed in the Butler library so I was really excited to discover it. I sat in that area for most of my time and worked more productively than I ever was in the past week. I'm really determined to finish this paper by this sunday, so wish me luck! The only problems I've been having so far are;
1. I can't take home the books I find so I barely have the opportunity to absorb the information provided within them (well, as much as I'd like to of course).
2. Some of the books are at different libraries and I can't use them all at once.
3. For some reason I feel like I work a lot better at home (my dorm) alone than in the library. I'm a lot more focused in my dorm but in the Butler library, I get so drowsy for some reason!

Regardless of these issues, however, I am still determined to accomplish my goal or at least finish my paper around that specific date. This way, I will be completely satisfied and have an adequate amount of time to revise and review the paper to near perfection.

Now on a different note, tonight was Noche de Sabor! It was a latin celebration with food, music, and lots of dancing! Rowland, Adrianne, Brittany, Lenny, and I met at the Gazebo in the quad after finishing all my homework and awaited the traditional celebration by enjoying the music. Soon, more and more people arrived and it turned out to be a really fun and memorable night! I had a lot of fun with my friends and I'm really glad I attended the event. I just wish Aurea and Tomi were with us to complete our group! I'm sure they would have had lots of fun and we would have definitely enjoyed their company. They had a more productive day though, and I'm proud of them for prioritizing.

I Can't wait for class tomorrow! We're going to have a guest speaker and later than night we're going on a sunset cruise with Mrs.L!

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