Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"What Do I Know About Biology, I Know How to Make Tacos"

Oh happy day. I never realized how much of a day was ahead of me.

Penn Station
My day started bright and early at 7:15 AM departing for Amtrak to Philadelphia. Once we grabbed a quick breakfast at Zarro’s, we boarded the train and left. Although the train was crowded when we boarded, we were lucky enough to be in the same car. The train ride was very interesting; we passed through New Jersey and got to see all the different sights, from rural areas to tall buildings. Although I will admit, I dozed off for a while because the ride was so soothing.

Independence Hall
We finally arrived at Penn Station in Philadelphia and the building itself was a sight to see. The architecture and mass rush of people gave us a taste of East Coast life. We then took a taxi cab to Independence Hall with the Cornell cohorts. The feeling of walking through the same paths of some of the greatest minds is indescribable; from the signing room to the secret meeting place for the senate, I was taken through the colonial times of the nation.

After our tour, we took a taxi cab to Distrito in inner Philadelphia where we lunched with University of Pennsylvania admission officers and current students. It was such a pleasure to meet Monique, Ross, David, and Amy; the former two were current Penn students and the formers were admissions officers. The lunch was very informative for all of us; I got to learn more about the admissions process and what the university looks for as well as an idea of individual majors.

University of Pennsylvania

UPenn Auditorium

Once we finished lunch, we trekked to the University of Pennsylvania for our information session and college tour. Along the way, we were given our own private tour with our Penn liaisons who showed us the different buildings for academics and fraternities. When we arrived the information session, I was quite disappointed from the lack of volume from the host due to technical difficulties. But after the session, we were given a tour by current students. We walked along Locust Walk, a beautiful stone walkway surrounded by trees and different fraternity buildings. We visited my personal favorite the Engineering School Building Complex where the undergraduate engineering classes take place. We also toured the Wharton School of Business as well as the large Penn library. Although the information session was uneventful, the amazing tour of such a stunning campus.

Outside Petrossian
After taking the Amtrak back to New York, we refreshed ourselves for a lovely dinner at Petrossian. We took the subway to Columbus Center where we were all awe struck by Central Park and Times Square. Petrossian is an exquisite French restaurant which serves luxurious caviar. The meal was delicious; I had a Mixed Green Field Salad followed by Deep Sea Diver Scallops. What made the dinner tonight really special was the quality of conversation. I feel I learned more about my fellow cohorts in depth. Conversation ranged from potential colleges and majors to quotations we live by. We've cracked jokes and learned a vast amount. It’s only day two in New York but I feel like we’ve been here for much longer.

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