Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Motto-Leges Sine Moribus Vanae"

Laws without morals are in vain, that's the motto of University of Pennsylvania. I never expected myself to fall in love with the University to this extent. Long story short, I absolutely LOVE what UPENN stands for. It's a school built by pioneers, for pioneers, and actually is it's own form of "pioneer." It was the first school of medicine in the nation, first university in US with both undergraduate and graduate studies, first collegiate business school, and had the first student union in the nation. Of course, I would expect a college this amazing when it was clearly founded by Benjamin Franklin. He is literally my hero, and my life almost revolves around his philosophies and quotes; I admire bot only him, but also his leadership determination. He was a kite flyer, an inventor, journalist, founding father, ambassador, protagonist, and Mr.Hundred Dollar Bill whom was highly driven by his ambition despite unfavorable circumstances and failures. His amazing character truly reflects onto this amazing University that cherishes a lot of his morals in life and proves strives to prove to the world the variety of possibilities in our horizon willing to be discovered. Whether it was being the first University to award an African-American women a PhD, or attempting with determination to prove a cherished idea to be true despite disappointment (Building an auditorium that was believed to virtually be impossible to build), the students at this University all embody a character and personality that carried on the excellence that Franklin held valuable for generation to come. I felt like I shared a lot of the same passion and interests as the students of this university and every single thing that was mentioned in the information session that the University looks for in students completely portrayed my personality and characteristics in the most accurate way possible. I felt like this is my home, this is where I belong, and this is an environment where I can shine. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for talking to the students and alumni along with the tour that was provided for us, I probably would have never realized this or have grown such a passion for this university as a whole. Nonetheless, what it offers the students is absolutely superb. The university sets itself out by the attention, care, and support it give its students individually. The aspect of research at UPENN especially drew my interest because I simply love research. Last summer in Iran, I helped an Iranian doctor by the name Mr.Mozaheb contribute to an international medical research by helping her translate some of her documents into research, and ever since then, I've really been inspired to contribute to a particular research of my own in an area that I am most passionate about. Thus, another aspect about why UPENN will allow me to shine as both a student and as an individual due to the outstanding quality and quantity of the research that tops Ivy Leagues in it's overall spending in that category. UPENN has been associated with several important innovations and discoveries in many fields throughout its history, and I am determined that if the University of Pennsylvania ever honors me with acceptance, I can one day make my name to the list of these individuals that made some sort of change that will be equally as honorable for the University. After all, you will never fail, you may only just learn a thousand ways that do not work. (Benjamin Franklin)

Okay, I apologize, I spent a lot of time just writing about  the University. Well, aside from that, we had a splendid lunch with admission officers and current students in Philadelphia, toured the city, and had one of the most amazing dinners of my life with my cohort at Petrossian. I'm from Iran, the nation with the best caviar in the world, but I JUST tried it in New York City! Regardless, I must point out that I absolutely love our cohort. It's only been 2 days but we've all grown so close and I honestly wouldn't like to trade any of them for someone else, each and every one of them are amazing. Their really nice people and without them this trip would not be the same. If you guys are reading this, I just wanted to say I love you all, and thank you for the amazing start to this unforgettable adventure.

And last but not least, once more for emphasis, UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA IS AMAZING. That's really the majority of what is going on in my head at the current moment...

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