Friday, June 29, 2012

They Say Rain Is A Sign Of Luck...

Aurea, Adrianne, Britney, and I went to the Maroon 5 concert! I absolutely love their band ever since a very young age when I use to always wait for their music to come on Alice 97.3 radio station. At that time, I didn't even distinguish them by a particular name like "Maroon 5," I just knew every lyric to their songs without even knowing who they really were. I remember being only in elementary school and being completely obsessed with their songs, not even knowing what half of the things they said really meant. Now that I'm older, I'm not really as obsessed with celebrities like I use to be since now I realize that they're all just normal people, but I will always love Maroon 5 because their music almost create a 6th sense for me in which I can connect to the past. Believe it or not, I have so many memories with their music that I will always have a soft spot for them in my heart. It sounds kind of "cheesy," but it's true!

When I realized there was going to be a FREE Maroon 5 concert, I was absolutely estatic. Back in California, my friend had gotten tickets to go to their concert in Lake Tahoe, but she paid nearly $2000 dollars per ticket, plus the venue was too far from my home. I felt really unfortunate for not being able to go, but in the end, it seems like Maroon 5 came to ME!

We tried sleeping a lot earlier last night and take naps often to be perpared for this big, eventful day today. In all, we were successful! We woke up at around 4AM but all met out at the gazebo at around 5:30. Unfortunately, the thunderstorm broke out and rain poured over us like an endless waterfall. A lot of my friends told us later in the afternoon, "did the rain and thunder wake you too?" Little did they know we were out their under the rain while they were in their warm cozy beds watching the lightening flicker through the window their dorms.

When we arrived there, we met a lot of people that actually stayed their from midnight and were right next to us! We felt bad for them because we technically had a bare minimum of 4 additional hours of sleep compared to them but still ended up as far back as they were. Although our positions weren't the best, I'm still glad I went because it will always be reminded of it as a memorable experience. Long story short, we had a lot of laughs and just an over all good time together. If only we wouldn't have been worried to risk lose our spots even in the back when we saw people moving to the front, we would have had a really nice view of them. Either way, I'm sure the nation had a nice view of us since we were recorded on TV while I was asking Adam Levine (the lead singer of the band) to prom. It was a total joke, but nonetheless it was funny. I just held a sign simply saying, "Prom?" in large dark letters just to be different from the endless crowd holding generic "we love you" and "I got the moves like Jagger" signs. Although, I'm sure Adam said yes secretly to my invitation either way(totally kidding by all means).

After the concert, Britney and Aurea grab a bite to eat at the nearest bakery while Adrianne and I sat together to rest our feet. We met up with the RA and the other students right outside the bakery in front of Saint Paul's Cathedral and prepared for our walk back to the metro. We arrived back at around 9AM and managed to have an adequate amount of time to eat breakfast as well.

For class today, things were a little bit different than usual for our first session. Instead of a discussion, we went to Hamilton Hall room 318 and watched a documentary about Hamilton himself. It certainly had a touching effect sitting in a hall dedicated to him at a university that he actually attended. The window to my room is actually right above the monument dedicated to him and as I am typing at this very moment, I look down and notice him still standing tall and proud despite all the misfortunate events that occured in his lifetime. He was a man spark by ambition and tragedy and will leave his mark always, not only on this nation, but also New York and the nation as a whole. While watching the two hour long documentary, I endlessly took notes to as I watched and jotted down almost all important aspects of his life I did not know about. It wasn't quite necessary to write notes during the class, which is why I was probably the only person constantly writing notes during class, but I did it anyway for the sake of my learning. I enjoyed the documentary a lot and stayed a little bit after class to ask the professor some questions and clear up some of my confusion in regards to some aspects of the documentary that were relatively unclear. In all, class today was really enjoyable.

After class, I came home and took a nice nap in preparation for our dinner. I was so excited to go out again with my cohort and Mrs.L! The first week of our trip, dinners like these were basically embedded within our routine, but now I rarely see my entire cohort and Mrs.L so I miss them all dearly. The dinner to place at Marea, a delicious restaurant right across from Central Park. No sooner had I realized before entering the restaurant that the zesty aromas of the dishes teased my nostrils with nostalgia.

Promptly upon our arrival, we proceeded to enter our downstairs private room and were greeted with a few of the many marvelous students from Columbia University. Each of them were all so unique and friendly that I truly had an amazing time with all of them. I had the pleasure to sit with Theo and Matt, and also speak to Andrea and Mario. Unfortunately, Andrea and Mario were on the other side of the dining table so I did not have the full opportunity have a very thorough conversation as I would have liked, but I was still honored to have the opportunity to talk to them as much as I did. For most of the night, however, I spoke to Matt and Theo about a lot of different matters. Whether we were speaking about Columbia, the education system, ourselves, or simply joking around with one another, I truly had a good time. They definitely intensified my already great interest in Columbia University. They were all very nice and I enjoyed their company! Hopefully next week if I have the opportunity to attend the poetry night, I can see them all again.

On a different note, however, by the time dessert arrived it was already 11:25 PM and our curfew was at midnight. Anxiety stormed it's way into our hearts and we were extremely nervous about making it back to our appropriate rooms on time. As soon as we noticed the time,we ate our desserts as fast as we could, thanked all our guests for being there, and rushed right out of the restaurant and down to the subway. We had 10 minutes to get to Columbia University from Columbus Circle, run in our hall, and be literally inside our rooms before the clock struck 12:01 AM. When the train door opened allowing us to exit to Columbia University, we all just physically ran up the stairs and across campus to reach our dorms as soon as possible. At this point, we only had 5 minutes left to make it to the other side of the campus. From the metro to the other side of the campus, I ran in 3 inch heels and a dress; now that's what I call a Wonder Woman. I was running in about the same speed as the rest of my cohort and they had switched to flats from their bags, or in the men's case, they already were in flats. Since my hall was a lot farther than the rest of my cohort who conveniently lived in the same building, Mrs.L asked one of the guys to walk me to my hall before going to their own room if possible. However, realistically we only had 4 minutes which was EXACTLY what it took to have our IDs checked, wait for the elevator/run up stairs, and be in our rooms. They couldn't walk me to my hall and I honestly didn't expect it of them because if they did, they would have been punished for violating the curfew. Instead, they just made sure I was in my dorm by checking up on me and calling me as soon as I got there. Thank goodness they didn't come because I made it to my room exactly TWO minutes before curfew. If they did come, there would have been no way they could make it back in time to their own hall.
While running in my heels, there were about 15 RAs sitting and walking around campus, and they all made some sort of comment like, "wow, now that's what I call determination" while all the girls just watched shockingly to see me run in heels. I'm assuming it's not every day they see a girl sprinting across campus like that; I guess you can say that today I have discovered a hidden talent?

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