Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sarah Lawrence: Go Deep and Go Far

What started as a fairly relaxing day turned to one of mayhem and rush. My day started at 9:00 AM when the cleaner for my room opened my door to clean. Unfortunately Morvarid and I were still sleeping and our rest time was cut short. Even before we left our hotel, we all felt the heat of the East Coast, ninety-six degrees Fahrenheit to be exact.
Grand Central Station
We then departed the hotel with the others for Grand Central Station. The train station was beautiful with its detailed architecture and engravings. The group then grabbed brunch in the station’s dining center on the lower. After we were had our fill, we boarded the train to Sarah Lawrence.
Westlands Admission Office
Sarah Lawrence Dorms
Once we exited the train station, we took a taxi cab to Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York. Sarah Lawrence is a beautiful liberal arts college in suburban Yonkers and Bronx which concentrates on different subjects instead of majors. The information session was very helpful in understanding more about a liberal arts school. What really appealed to me about Sarah Lawrence is the more one-on-one time students have with their teachers due to the small class size and environment. The tour was also very informative; we walked a good three miles around the campus to different buildings, from Bates Center for Student Life to the President’s House. Our tour guide even knew an old member of the Ivy League Connection, Connor Miller, who currently attends Sarah Lawrence. The college’s 3-2 engineering program really caught my interest as well. Through this program, engineer students study at Sarah Lawrence for three years and two years at Columbia University, obtaining bachelor degrees in liberal arts and the intended engineering major. Another plus is that Sarah is approximately thirty minutes away from the metropolitan area of New York City.

Since the tour was running a little longer than we expected, we decided to leave early to catch our train. Unfortunately the taxi service we called did not have any available cabs, so we missed our train and had to wait thirty minutes for the next one. Once we exited Grand Central Station, we took a cab back to the hotel to redress ourselves for our dinner with the University of Pennsylvania alumnus. Due to our delayed arrival, we all rushed to look presentable after a day in the sun.
Portobello Mushroom and Goat Cheese Tart
American Red Snapper
When we finished, we met Ms. Kronenberg and departed for Brasserie 8 ½, located on W 57th Street. There we met with University of Pennsylvania alumni Carlin Yuen and Lissette Duran. Dinner was very relaxing, even though it was at a very upscale restaurant. For dinner I had the Portobello Mushroom and Goat Cheese Tart with the American Red Snapper. For most of the night, we all conversed with the two alumni. Carlin combined art and computer science to form his own individual major while Lissette graduated with a communication major and is now studying at Columbia University for law. Being able to have dinner with the alumni gave me a better impression of what the University of Pennsylvania has to offer; mentioned in my last blog was the unpleasant encounter with technical difficulties during the information session. But now after talking to the alumni, I have a better idea of what UPenn has to offer.

Once we said our good-byes we trekked back to the station and then the hotel. Although the middle of the day became bumpy, we all pulled through and ended with a good note. Now onwards to Vassar College.

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  1. 9 AM and still in bed? Tell me it ain’t so, Aurea!

    [You know that you’re allowed to put out the door hangers that say: DO NOT DISTURB. This might prevent the embarrassment of someone walking in on you when you’re not prepared for it. This time you were just asleep in bed. If you use your imagination I bet you can come up with a wide array of scenarios that might be uncomfortable to have a stranger throw open the door to witness.

    I’m not suggesting you need to go back to Keen’s Steakhouse but sat least when I saw the photos from that dinner I had some idea what it was that I was looking at. Even after you’ve described these two photos I’m having a tough time sorting it out.