Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beauty In Every Direction

Today Aurea and I woke up at around 9:30AM and got ready for another day filled with numerous adventures. We went straight to central station today and the site was absolutely beautiful. I tried taking pictures with the architecture but the area was so large that I looked almost like an ant opposed to my beautiful surroundings. Today, however, was slightly different from other days so far. Instead of waking up super early to eat breakfast and catch our ride to our specific destination, we instead voted on brunch to allow for a little bit of rest. Thus far, we have all been running on an average of 4 hours of sleep per day due to our fast-paced schedule. Now although Iwas really greatful of this opportunity to rest, my adrenaline and energy for my Ivy League Connection days certainly does not allow me at night. As I've said before, my body is tired but my mind is not; it's definitely ready to absorb all and every information and experience every aspect of a different world.

Before noon we arrived to Sarah Lawrence college, a college that I can honestly say I did not know much about before our tour. Out of all the interesting things I learned, a few of the things that mainly caught my interest was the flexibility of the ciriculum offered by the college, the strong sense of community and involvement, and the quality of the education with the individual  attention to each student, and last but not least, the fact that for the past few years, 100% of college applicants to medical school have been accepted. All I can say is WOW.

Overall though, I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this but I have an extremely strong passion for arts since a very young age. I draw, paint, sketch, sculpt, anything you can name, and I do have a strong passion for it. The fact that Sarah Lawrence allows me to merge my interests and passions with specialty definitely caught my interest in the University. (heres a sample of some of my artwork, its actually the photos I submitted for my AP studio art class this year. I have a lot of different art work but I do not have access to photos of those to share with you since I am all the way here in New York; )

Now on the other hand, in the more visual and environmental sense the school reminded me of the city of Carmel near Santa Cruz in California. The environment allowed you to feel like you were in an individualized miniscule community of your own within the University.

My lovely Chaperone Mrs.L
By the way on a random note, a previous Ivy League Connection student, Connor Miller, now attends this university and he absolutely loves it. I randomly asked out our tour guide out of curiousity if he had ever heard of him and he screamed, "I love Connor Miller!" But then surprisingly, he later said, "I have never met him, but he is amazing. I've heard great stories about him." Way to go Ivy League Connection students setting examples and inspiring other students!

Finally after the tour, we headed back to NY to attend our dinner at Brasserie 8 1/2 with Penn alumni. I sat midway between Lissette Duran and Carlin Yuen, and must I say they were both equally amazing. Their passion was remarkable and inspiring and their stories equally fascinating. I was especially surprised that Carlin actually visited Iran! I loved speaking to him about politics, the middle east, culture, motives, and apposing view points. I must admit this dinner has been definitely my favorite. We only had two guests but there was much more involvement, connection, engaging conversations. At some points I felt like I was stuck between the two guest because I was eager to listen to both and did not want to miss out on either side. The dinner itself was great as well, on this trip I'm really determined to try new things to make my "new experience" complete. I chose to go with rabbit for my main entree, crab cake for my appetizer, and chocolate cake for my dessert. I enjoyed all three, and ended my night with a little bit of warm jasmine green tea to warm up. Overall, the dinner was splendid in all aspects.

In all, today was certainly an adventure, and I'm sure tomorrow will not cease to amaze me once more.

Good night New York.

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