Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yum, Yum, Yum, Delicioso!

Last night was yet again another step towards Columbia.

While attending a potluck with different delicious foods, I was finally acquainted with the rest of my Columbia cohorts. At last I have met the rest of the people I will spending the summer with; Adrianne Ramsey, Lucas Lochner, Oluwatomi (Tomi) Balogun, and Ms. Lilihanand. After breaking the ice with a few ILCers I had yet to encounter, the meal was quite pleasing along with a good conversation with my fellow Columbia partner and two Brownies participating in the Macroeconomics and DNA technology courses.
Brownie David  Fang and I
Once everyone was settled and well into their meal, Ms. Kaplan-the Brown chaperon-and Ms. Lilihanand-the Columbia chaperon-began the information portion of the evening. Information about clothing and luggage, college tours and traveling, and weather on the East Coast was revealed. We have learned the secrets to packing light (*hint not everyone will see one wear an outfit twice!), the counting system to ensure everyone is on the NY subway, and that NY rain in the summer is hot and muggy.

After the basic information, the two groups divided to get into better detail about our particular adventures on the East Coast. Ms. L laid down rules for us during the summer. The biggest rules of all were to a.) never leave campus by oneself and b.) always contact Ms. L of her whereabouts. She also advised us to open a Citibank account for easy access to cash while having the pleasure of not leaving the campus. Once my cohorts and I gained new knowledge of our future dorms and meetings, Ms. L discussed the exciting adventures we will have together as a group. What I really like is the group's freedom to choose where we get to go. We are all able to pitch in ideas on museums, landmarks, and other attractions of our interests.
Ms. Lilihanand, the Columbia chaperon
Ultimately, the evening ended and everyone parted ways. Now I'm even more thrilled of my trip to the Big Apple with such a great group.
2012 Columbia Group
We're raising the bar!

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