Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bon Appétit!

Last night was yet another step that brought us so much closer to our Columbia experience.
It was the first and foremost day that our Columbia cohort had the opportunity to meet one another and learn more about the experiences that await them on their journey.
Our Chaperon Mrs.L arranged for us a potluck last night fusing the Columbia cohort and the Brown cohort for the main purpose of getting to know one another and gaining a better understanding about what is going to happen in the next few months.
I was anxious for the potluck all week, and once it came to the official day, I could do anything but hide my excitement. I rushed to Trader Joe's right after school and did some last minute grocery shopping before arriving home. Upon arrival, I quickly washed my hands and went straight to business; preparing the food I planned to take a long to the potluck. I made chicken pasta that night, and I later noticed a lot of others that also brought Italian food.
I actually arrived early so I was there in time to help Mrs.L and the Brown chaperon set up and prepare for the gathering. We all wore name tags to familiarize others with ourselves, and I had the courtesy of meeting a few new people that I was going to attend Columbia with that summer. I was delighted to notice what an amazing cohort we had, everyone seemed like really nice people and that definitely made me feel reassured. The food on the other hand were splendid, there was such a wide variety of different foods. From sushi, to lasagna, to even lumpia, there were a lot of different tasty dishes that I simply found irresistible.
After an hour or so of eating and socializing with others, our chaperons gave us all a presentation about what our parents and I should expect from our trip. We talked about some of the activities we could take advantage of, the plans that were set for the future, and even the most simple things such as how life was going to be like and where we would be living. I was delighted to hear that we were going to all have our own rooms in a suite. Not that I would mind sharing a room, but I think it would be so much more comfortable having your own room and bed for an entire month. Aside from the course itself this summer, the second thing I'm most excited for after our presentation is fourth of July. Doesn't it just sound ten times more fascinating to watch fireworks in New York City? You make think it sounds cliche, but it's true!

Aside from that however, Mrs.L also discussed how much time professors will spend with students and how much attention is given to each individual. She told us how professors meet with us in the library and have a lot of "one-on-one" contact with us. That was probably one of the things I really liked hearing. Probably throughout the whole presentation, I was the one asking most of the questions. I was just so fascinated and curious about everything that will be happening!
One thing I can almost guarantee, my excitement for June 18th will grow daily, and every morning I wake up in New York I will wake up with a smile, because I sure know I will be proud to be a student that summer in Columbia University.

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