Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yards Closer to Touchdown

I am now 3/4 of the way done with my research paper. I'm still not satisfied, however. I was hoping to finish by tonight! I'm still not going to quit tonight, though. Me typing this blog right now is actually my "break" from the research paper, I will continue working as soon as I press the orange "publish" button on the top of my screen.

The only thing that holds me from completion is the fact that I cannot have my sources with me. I have six books on hold in the Butler Library, but I have no ability to check them out. My curfew at 11 PM and the early closing hour of the library itself deprives me from the ability to stay at the library for longer hours and use the books I need to write my paper. If I had the books physically with me, I can confidently say that I would have been done with my paper by now.

This evening was very similar to yesterday's. I worked basically all day, and spent most of my time in the library. Again, I arrived there early for second session and after meeting with Mrs.L and eating lunch, I went straight back to the library. I was there all the way until they turned off all the lights and pratically kicked me out at closing hour. I was very concentrated in my work and I really did not want to leave mid-way and stop my train of thought. Unfortunately, I had no other choice and I had to make it back to my room before curfew.

Tomorrow is the last day I can fully work on my paper, but I'm hoping I can devote that time more to revision rather than development. As for now, I must return to my work because aside from the research paper, I must also read a lengthy article for tomorrow's discussion.

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