Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thank You, Everyone

I felt as though my goodbyes today were somewhat lacking; I realize that I'm not the best at speaking, which may have made my words sound half-hearted or insincere. Therefore, I have decided to make a separate blog to express my gratitude. 

Adrianne: Thank you for being yourself. Your personality is certainly one of a kind and I'm sure that this trip wouldn't have been half as fun without you. It was an honor to be your PA and your friend. Grazie!

Lucas: Thank you for being the sincere, level-headed person that you are. Without you, I'm not sure how this group could have gone more than 5 minutes without bickering. It was also a pleasure to be bale to sit next to you in class! 

Lenny: Thank you for making me laugh so many times. Your humor is one of your best traits, and it was certainly one of the mainly things that made this trip so enjoyable. Also, please thank your mom for the lei necklaces--they were really beautiful!

Aurea: Thank you for being so outspoken and honest--it made talking with you is always fun, especially today's plane ride. Good luck being an aeronautical engineer! 

Morvarid: Thank you for being so cheery and sweet. I think that you're a really amazing person, and I hope that you'll be able to become I surgeon like you dreamed!

Mrs. L: Thank you for taking care of us and being so patient, even when we weren't exactly the most well-behaved kids in the world. Your contribution to Ivy League Connection Program is greatly appreciated!

I would also like to thank all of the friends that I made, my classmates, and of course, my professors, Luke and Jeffery. You guys are what made my school experience so spectacular.  

And I would especially like to thank the Ivy League Connection and its generous sponsors for making this entire trip possible. Thanks to them, I was able to meet so many fantastic people and learn many, many things both about Constitutional Law and about myself. 

Thanks to this trip and these people, I feel as though that I was able to learn and grow a lot. And for that, I'm truly grateful. Once again, thank you. 

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