Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Meet Me Halfway

Today was simply just like yesterday. Again, I did not go on any trips, or do anything in particular besides working on my paper. I've understood the importance of prioritizing and time management, so every minute of my day has been calculated in order to work efficiently. 

I woke up, again at 7AM and did all the same morning routines from the days prior to today. During lunch, I took a 10 minute break from working on my research paper to make tie-dye shirts with my friends Brittany and Rowland. They insisted I'd accompany them, and since I had never made tie-dye shirts before, I agreed to try it out. It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I tried it out. Since it was my first try, my shirt did not turn out as pretty as I expected, but it was a fun regardless. 

Right after making the shirt, I went right to my room and grabbed my laptop to go straight back to Butler library. I was exhausted from lack of sleep the past few days, but I worked regardless in homes of sleeping after the session was over. Keep in mind, I went an hour early so the session hadn't even started yet. 

Anyway, It was a productive afternoon, and I remembered towards the end that we were actually going to meet with one of the Columbia students we had dinner with, Andrea, for a private campus tour. I rushed over to Low Library to meet with Mrs.L, and Andrea met us there too. It's crazy how I've been on this campus for almost a month now, passing by all the majestic buildings of Columbia University, but I did not know the use the significance of each one. I'm really thankful for the tour because the information allowed me to appreciate Columbia University even more than before.

Right after the tour I ate with some of my friends to fuel my mind before my intense research. When I was done and approached my room, I noticed a flyer that said "sky lounge, Hartley 10th floor." I thought someone was just being silly and referring to their dorm as the "sky lounge," but I decided to go and check it out regardless. Turns out they weren't joking, there's really a library-like lounge on the very top of the Hartley building! The room was completely empty so I gathered all my things and came up to the room to study and finish my paper. The endless books and bookshelves kept me company while the comfy chairs and tables allowed me to work efficiently. Having the bright room all to myself, I've been working here ever since I discovered it's location. I have hit the halfway mark of my paper as of now, and hopefully by tomorrow, I can say this halfway mark has been long passed. 

I usually consider myself a good writer and I enjoy writing papers, but this essay weighs so much on my mind. I have my coffee to the side, my pack of chips, my brownies, and my ice-cream packed in the freezer. Sweet food for a working mind. Research paper, BRING IT.

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