Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cause You're My Sunset

My morning did not start the way I intended it to. I awoke later than usual- around 9 AM- and missed breakfast due to my shower. So I headed to class with an empty stomach but was more awake than usual. Peculiar, I know. Today during class we discussed the similarities between Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson in terms of Progressivism. TR’s political views were always toward progressivism, the “urban reaction to the excesses of unrestrained laissez-faire capitalism, rapid urbanization, and industrialization in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.” Woodrow Wilson began with a Jeffersonian ideology consisting of states’ rights and conservatism. But as his presidency dragged on, Wilson had to conform to the changing times and Progressivism went with the flow.

Once our discussion on TR and Wilson ended, a guest speaker, who is in law school, came to speak about court cases. On Thursday, after our 4th of July festivities, we will be debating sides for court cases. Our speaker conversed with us about the two court cases we read the night prior. The two cases were about contracts and how it can be deliberated in a district court and can be appealed in Supreme Court. Apparently I won’t make a very good lawyer; every time we guessed the verdict and reason, I was wrong. It’s okay, engineering is more of my thing anyway.

Before class ended, we picked lotteries to see who would be arguing different cases; Bertram v. Clinton and Sangria v. Beldings. Unfortunately for me, my lottery pick was not in the pile so I was last. It’s okay, Forensics will once again be my advantage! So after lunch, my group and I headed to a discussion room in Butler Library to prepare for the upcoming debate. We researched similar cases from the past that could help us. Sadly, all the rulings for the cases were against us, so we mainly focused on refutations today.

After planning with my group, class finally ended and I headed for my dorm to relax a little before tonight’s cruise. We ventured on the Circle Line Cruise which sails on the Hudson River, passing from Manhattan to the Brooklyn Bridge and back. The greatest aspect of the cruise was the timing of the ride; we rode during sunset and early night, seeing the night of NYC come to life. It was definitely a great way to spend two hours here in the city; the hustle and bustle can get to anyone, and the ride was a perfect way to unwind.

Sadly the cruise ended and we all headed back to temporary homes. Now onwards to tomorrow’s adventure; Coney Island and hot dog eating contest!

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