Monday, June 18, 2012

Off to New York City

It was a dark and stormy night…

Okay—it wasn’t stormy but it sure was dark—and chilly.

After a brutally hot weekend the wind had kicked up making the 54 degree temperature feel even colder.  Add to the mix the typical East Bay summer fog and the moist air made the cold temps a bit uncomfortable.  That warm and toasty bed we all left behind seemed so inviting.

Nonetheless, our Columbia cohort arrived on time (a welcome relief) and went through the ritual of showing their travel documents, weighing their luggage and getting their last minute instructions.

Then came the real reason for being at El Cerrito HS at such a miserable time of the morning—the group photo.  And don’t they look grand?  From the looks on their faces you would never know that they’d all much rather be snuggled in their warm beds.

When the airport shuttle arrived, instead of a van or flat bed truck, our Columbia cohort piled into a shiny white stretch limo.  Nothing but the best for our ILCers.


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  2. How was your trip to New York? I'm sure you and your friends learned the different ways of life in those Ivy League schools. Anyway, you guys deserved to ride such a shiny limo to the airport, since you're gonna spend the summer in The Big Apple.

    Andrina Royceston

  3. So, you didn't expect that you and your Columbia cohort will ride in a limousine during your trip to NY? Well, wasn’t it great? Instead of an ordinary vehicle, you got to ride in that shiny white limo. I hope you all really had a fun experience. With the smiles on their faces, I can say that they really enjoyed their trip!

    Earnestine Novick

  4. Life’s full of surprises! Nothing can be cooler than an unexpected limo ride. Anyway, so how was your trip to New York City? I hope you had a lot of fun!

    -Trudi Thorburn