Friday, June 22, 2012

Lux et Veritas

“Light and truth,” that is the motto for Yale University. But before I get into more about Yale, let me tell you about my day. We started once again at 7:30 AM, and rode to Penn Station to depart on Amtrak for New Haven, Connecticut.

Undergraduate Admissions Office
Before rendezvousing with Yohanna Pepa for lunch, our group watched the “Why I Chose Yale” video. This video was a musical documentary on why students from Yale University chose the school over any other. Factors such as the great support from faculty and students was the most common reason for students; from freshmen counselors to college advisors, Yalies feel the love when it comes to their school. After watching the video, we headed to an auditorium for an information session due to the large crowd that arrived today. The information gave us all a better idea of Yale is looking for; they search of curious and engaged individuals who will always question methods and explore what is given to them. Also Yale is the most flexible with building their courses; with two thousand different courses, Yalies are able to satisfy the needed requirements for the liberal arts program to become well-rounded individuals.

After the information session, we met up with Yohanna, who took us to a Soul de Cuba for lunch with her two friends. Chris Marnell is a rising junior, along with Yohanna, studying Neurobiology and Lorenzo Labitigan is a rising senior studying Biophysics and Biochemistry along with Linguistics. Conversation during lunch varied from interests and majors to the wonderful support Yalies receive from the university. During lunch, Lorenzo spoke of why he chose Yale; the enthusiasm and welcoming feelings Yale alumni, students, and faculty provided him made his choice between universities almost none existent. For me, I am definitely fond of the support and aid Yale offers its students. Although Yale University did not have my intended major, the advice from the current students made me rethink my liking to Yale.

Yale University

Yale Law School

Kent Hall Entrance
Glowing Walls inside the Beinecke Library
After lunch, the three Yale students gave the group a tour of the campus. Although we passed by a few buildings with Yohanna before lunch, I was amazed the amazing architecture and design of the campus. The rain could not deter my awe to the Kent Hall courthouse or the Sterling Memorial Library. We also visited the inside of Beinecke Library, where many original copies of manuscripts and books lie. What stunned me about the library were the marble walls that glowed due to the passage of sunshine through the stone. After our tour, we all said our good-byes and headed to the train station.

After the ride, we were allowed about an hour to relax before going out to dinner at the Stardust Diner. The unique aspect of the diner was the live entertain by the waiters and waitresses who sang Broadway songs. The diner is known to be a hotspot for potential actors and actresses who want to perform on Broadway.

Once dinner was done, we made our way to Times Square. Although there was a light drizzle, that did not discourage our fun on the intersection. We walked the streets looking for potential shops and attractions we would visit later. The Toys R’ Us is the only store we entered, where the sheer size of the building amazed us as well as the trinkets and toys. Lenny was the only one of us who bought a toy; a Squirmle is a worm like toy that wraps around your hands and follows your movements without batteries. Want to know the secret? Well ask Lenny because he won’t tell anyone. After our short, but certainly not last, visit of the night, we made our way back to the hotel. Now we all look forward to a relaxing Saturday when we will be visiting the United Nations Visitors Center.

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