Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Challenge You to a Game of Mindball

Unfortunately my projected routine did not hold up. I only did it for one day quite frankly. So this morning, instead of running, I slept in until 8 AM. Although I was more tired and my body was craving more sleep. After a quick shower, I headed down for breakfast.

Presidential Powers Class
Once I had my fill, Morvarid and I trekked to class twenty minutes early, just to make sure we would not be late. During the waiting time, I reread last night’s homework to refresh my memory. Today’s discussion was very interesting in terms of presidential authority. George Washington was more commonly known to have advisors do his work. But from our prior reading, we have learned that Washington was more of a “puppet master.” Known now as a “hidden-hand presidency,” Washington dealt with his term in his own style. He worked behind the scenes and rarely did open-action work yet held such high respect from the public. It was fascinating to discuss the power and authority Washington exerted, even referring to the Constitution when doubted of his role.

After our hour long discussion, Professor Porwancher gave a lecture on the case of Marbury v. Madison. The lecture was a background on how the case happened, how it developed, and how it affects the system of checks and balances. I did learn about the case the previous school year during my AP U.S. History class but learning more in depth about the case was mind blowing. The more detail we got into it, the more I realized what a break-necking case it was. The case gave the name for the judicial branch in our government and set the bar for its equality among the legislative and executive branches.

Class ended and then I headed to the dining hall for a pizza-filled lunch. Who knew pizza would be so popular during lunch? Because I know I’ve never seen that many people in line for food since the first breakfast of the session. There was also an option of going to a Columbia college talk on personal statements but I declined the invitation. I feel that after my talk with alumni, I don’t want others to influence what I have set in mind for my own personal statement.

My second class literally consists of the above
I finished a quick nap and then I was off to Butler Library for my second class. I once again emailed my past AP U.S. History for advice as well as ask my professor for the Presidential Powers course on how to develop the thesis for my paper. So far my thesis will be along the lines of, “The presidencies of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson, and George W. Bush suggests that a person’s presidential legacy is based upon a person’s reactions and ways of dealing with a matter than events outside the real control of a president.” I know it’s a mouthful.

After our second block, we met up with Ms. L for our daily meeting. Today we talked about taking advantage of college talks that Columbia University is providing for students. She told us to contemplate where the rising seniors in the group are applying for college, if some colleges are the right fit for us, and so forth. It’s really amazing to know that in a few months I will be in the dreaded application process.

Bodies Exhibition
Once we finished our meeting, we had an early dinner. Morvarid, Lenny, and I decided to go to the Bodies Exhibit near the Seaport in lower Manhattan. The exhibit was really interesting; we were able to see fully preserved human bodies. Everything from bones to muscle tissue and even blood vessels. The only downside to the exhibit was the prohibition of taking photos of the bodies. Sorry bloggers! But the tour was very nice and we even played Mindball. This game is where two people sit across from each other whose foreheads are hooked up to bands. The point of the game is to relax as much as possible and the lesser wavelengths will push the ball to the opposite side of the table. Whoever gets the ball on the other side wins. Unfortunately a couple who tried the game before told us it was rigged and that one side always wins. And low and behold it was true. Or it might be due to our belief that it wouldn’t win on one side.

View from Seaport
Since I mentioned Seaport before, I won’t have to tell you where we went next. Pier 17 is located on the port and it really was beautiful during the sunset. We passed by cute little shops ranging from handmade dresses to food vendors. On our way to the end of the dock, we passed by a restaurant playing Latino music. Not missing a beat, the residential advisor from Columbia University, Joseph Deluna, who was in charge of the trip started dancing on the dock. It was so amusing to see him dance and other people from the restaurant joining in to dance with him. After a few laughs and pictures, we headed back to the campus for some well needed rest. Now what I’ve been dreading since I left has come; homework….

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