Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Potluck, People, and Preperations

This evening, we had a fun, low-key event in the ILC. The students attending the Brown and Columbia programs, including myself, had a potluck with our parents at El Cerrito High School. It was hosted by the chaperones for the programs, for the purpose of answering any questions that we may have about our upcoming trips.

I'm sorry to say that I was the last one to arrive, but I wasn't too late to miss any of the great food or important points of conversation. 

After we ate, everyone broke up into different rooms depending on which school we were going to. In the Columbia room, Ms. Lilhanand (our chaperone) gave us a brief summary of  what we should bring on the trip, as well as what to prepare for when in New York. One point, which has been made very clear, is that it will be uncomfortably hot and humid on the East Coast this summer. It's recommended that we bring light clothes and hats, as well as an umbrella, because even in the heat, we're bound to see a few showers. Personally, I'm a cold weather person, but I think I'll be so busy once I get there that I won't have time notice the climate.

Our itinerary so far includes tours of other universities, dinners with Columbia faculty and alumni, trips to museums, and general site seeing. I don't know how we'll find time for classes, but I'm sure that we'll fit it in somewhere. 

I think I'm most excited about living on a college campus. I've toured schools before and even taken summer classes for a few years at UC Berkeley, but this will be my first opportunity to really experience life as a college student. From sleeping in my own dorm to studying in massive libraries, something about it just puts a smile on my face.
My mom (left) with the Columbia chaperone, Ms. Lilhanand

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  1. Leonard,

    We're glad that you could make it so you could meet others in your cohort.

    And lest you think you'll be so busy with your studies to notice the sweat running down your forehead and dripping on your books, think again. You notice things like that.

    I'm like you in that I enjoy the cooler climes so when it gets warm I start to melt. When it's cold you can always throw on some more clothes but when it's hot and humid they have laws back east prohibiting you from walking around after you've stripped off your clothes. So what's a guy to do?