Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's Only The Beginning

Today, a few of my fellow Ivy League and I attended a blogging tutorial at Hercules Middle High School. Despite the meeting being scheduled at 2 PM, my mother and I left the house at 12:30 PM, in fear of being late for whatever reason. Needless to say, because of our head start, my mother and I arrived over an hour early. But the early bird catches the worm, right?

My next problem was actually finding the room the tutorial was being held in, as I had never been to Hercules Middle High School before and the campus was slightly confusing at first. Fortunately, it wasn't too long before I found the classroom in questions, Room 106.

The tutorial itself was really informative and cleared up a few questions and concerns I had. Don went over some of how the next few months are going to go, upcoming events, on what we should pack for our trip, and, most importantly how and when to blog.
I learned how to add pictures to my posts too.
After Don had finished explaining everything to us, it was time for some hands-on experience and Don had us log into our Blogger accounts and try out what we had just learned. We had a few technical problems starting out, due to how old some of the computers we were using were, but eventually we got everything up and running. I learned how to do do things such as format, proofread, and accentuate my posts into what you're reading now! Soon enough, we had gone over everything that we needed to and it was time to clean up and head home.

Overall, I learned a lot from today and I really enjoyed the tutorial. All the information was a bit overwhelming, but also really helpful and informative. I think that I may have left the tutorial more nervous than before it began, but I also left more excited and anxious about all the other events that are coming up.

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  1. Tomi,

    Some of your comments here worry me. You and your mother are about the umpteenth set of ILCer/parents that have written about how difficult it was to find where to go. I provided a map so you could find the city, a map so you could find the school and another map so you could find where on campus to park and where the room was. I thought I made it pretty simple.

    If one person writes that they had trouble then this tells me that we have a directionally challenged ILCer. But when a bunch of people tell me they got lost it really worries me. It worries me that what I thought I made simple needed to be made simpler and it worries me that we have so many directionally challenged ILCers. How are we supposed to turn you loose in a foreign city like New York City, Philadelphia or Nashville if reading a map is such a challenge? Oh well...

    At least you arrived on time. :-)